Marketing Your Business on Facebook


facebook marketingI continue to hear that “social advertising” is the wave of the future. So, I have been researching how to market your business on Facebook.

It can be a little overwhelming.

Can Facebook actually be used to bring in leads, opportunities and sales to your small business?

Let’s see what Facebook has to offer.

Facebook has 4 offerings for Online, or self-serve users like us:

1.) Marketplace Ads – Each ad includes a thumbnail image, title and body copy.

    • Standard Ad (drive traffic to your site)
    • Like Ad (drive to your Facebook page)
    • App Ad (drive to an app)
    • Event Ad (promote an event)

2.) Sponsored Story – These stories are shown to “friends of fans” (users Facebook marketingwhose friends are fans of your page and interact with your brand).  Sponsored Stories can be generated from any of the following actions:

    • Page Like (user Likes yourpage and their friends will see this)
    • Page Post Like (user Likes a post on your page)
    • Page Post Comment (user comments on a post)
    • App Used or App Shared (user interacts with your app)
    • Check In (user checks into your location)
    • Question Answered (user answers a question you posted on your page
    • Event RSVP (user indicates they are attending your event)

3.) Page Post Ads – The Page Post Ad offers the ability to display the same content in an ad unit as on your page. If users are not already connected to your brand through a friend, they will see an ad and have the ability to Like your page.

    • Text (you make a text-only post on your page)
    • Photo (you post a photo to your page)
    • Video (you post a video to your page)
    • Link (you share a link on your page, which can be used to drive traffic off of Facebook)
    • Question (you ask a question/poll)
    • Event (you create an event

4.) Offers– is a new product that enables companies to create an Offer that canFacebook Marketing be posted on their page and claimed by users with one click. Once a user claims the offer, their friends will see this in the news feed and be prompted to claim as well.

To learn even more check out the Social Media Examiner.

Facebook announced a series of webinars designed to help small and mid-sized businesses understand and use the new Facebook product offerings, such as Offers and Sponsored Stories.

The webinars will have a four-step framework:

  1. Build: It’s where you build connections, use your timeline, represent your brand, put in a cover photo, and invite current customers to “Like” your page.” Consider it Fan-Building 101.
  2. Connect: This webinar will help companies understand how to accelerate growth of connections, including connecting with fans through ads.
  3. Engage: Once a company has built up connections and started interacting with them, they want to turn connections into loyal and repeat customers. This webinar will show how to engage connections with quality content. Companies can also learn to make sales using “offers” (which is in limited beta) to drive people to sign up and buy.
  4. Influence: The last webinar helps businesses amplify their messages by getting the attention of more friends of fans, using tools like “sponsored stories.”

For those who are new to Facebook advertising, there will be “newbie” webinars Tuesdays at 12:30 ET, starting May 15th You can sign up via 

There are many ways you can choose to market your business, social media is just one option.  Remember that it’s important to be focused on what your overall goal is and to be able to measure your effectiveness. We always recommend you test and measure every marketing activity you put time and money toward. 

Lastly, before you go out and spend a bunch of money to gain more fans on Facebook remember that it’s important to have a plan for how you will retain and engage those fans and turn them into potential customers.

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